Association of Rover Clubs

We are an association of Rover owners who are primarily enthusiasts, though you don't have to own a Rover to join. We cater for owners of all Rover models from the earliest times to the present day, and we are the only club to cater for pre-1950 Rovers. Our aims are to cultivate appreciation of the Rover marque and also to encourage mutual assistance amongst Rover Sports Register members.

The Rover Sports Register (RSR) was founded in October 1953 by a group of owners who were particularly impressed with their 1934-36 Rover Sports Tourers, hence our distinctive name which has remained for nostalgic reasons. A favourable response was received from owners of both pre and post war vehicles, and coverage quickly extended to examples of Rovers then in production. The Register has proudly maintained this tradition. so whether you own a vintage air cooled Rover 8 h.p. or a recent Rover 800 you will find ample support and enthusiasm to help you with your car.

In 1981 the Club was formed into a Company limited by guarantee to protect its long-term continuity. The Register is fully independent and is a member of the Association of Rover Clubs.