How to clean your green pool without emptying


Is the water in your pool green? Do you need to clean it without having to empty it? Do you know that you can clean your pool when it is green without having to empty it? The lack of use and maintenance during winter makes your pool fill with algae and microorganisms that make the water green and dirty.

You should know that you do not have to empty the pool to enjoy it again in summer, you know that you have to take care of the water and not waste it.

Why is your pool green?

When your pool leaves its transparency to become a green world of algae, you will not want to get in there, there are two options:

  • If the color is light green, the algae are just beginning to form.
  • On the contrary, when it is a dark green, the complication is greater.

No problem, this can be corrected and without having to empty the pool, you just have to follow the advice that is given below.

Nice pool

Main causes of green pool water

There are several reasons why living organisms are formed in swimming pools, I will tell you the most frequent:

The amount of stabilized chlorine that you are using daily is not adequate. This is the main reason why your pool is green in winter, since during that time you do not usually put chlorine in the pool. To reduce the problem, there are wintering treatments for the pool. Here it is about how to maintain the pool in winter.

It is possible that the filtration system is not working properly. The high temperature in a pool provides a comfortable home for algae and other species.

When there are oversights in monitoring the pH of the pool water, you have to know that it should range between 7.2 and 7.8. If this level drops, algae proliferate. In this article here is an explanation of how to raise or lower the pH level of the pool.

You are adding other disinfectant products that are not suitable for cleaning swimming pools.

What to do with a green pool?

Check the filtration system

Filtering systems in a pool are responsible for controlling the re-entry into the pool of particles and elements from the surface.

This is what you have to check in your pool:

  • The cleaning of the basket of pre-filter engine
  • Make sure the turbine is not clogged.
  • Check that the rotation of the fan respects the clockwise direction.
  • Make sure the selector valve is not stuck.
  • The filter must have enough sand and no wear.
  • Lastly, check that the taps are properly open and that the skimmer baskets are clean.

Checking the pH

The next step to end the green color of your pool is to balance the pH of the pool water. To achieve this you must use chemicals and a pH meter kit, which you will get available in specialized swimming pool stores. If the pH is below 7.2 you should use a product called an enhancer until you get an adequate reading. If the pH is above 7.8, a product called reducer is used until the desired reading is achieved.

Brushing the pool

After balancing the pH you must brush the walls, floor and accessories that your pool has. And not with any brush, you must use a special brush for algae, it is responsible for detaching even the most resistant.

Cleaning the bottom of the pool

When you have managed to remove the algae from walls and other areas, it is important to start the vacuum cleaner and this is how to clean a green swimming pool. Set the vacuum to waste mode so it removes all particles regardless of their size. This step will also have to be repeated again, possibly.