De Tomaso Drivers Club

20-30 De Tomasos together is a good turn-out and a rare sight. This may not seem like many to you, but there are less than 200 in the UK and we have just over 100 members, to put it another way, De Tomasos are 100 times rarer than Ferraris. De Tomaso Modena S.p.A was founded in 1959, The first production car was the Vallelunga, (only one in UK) then the Mangusta, (about 8 in UK) then the only 4 door saloon car the Deauville and the 2 door Longchamp upto 1988. The most well known is the mid-engined Pantera from 1971 to date. All of these cars use Ford engines. Most Panteras have the 351C similar to the Mustang and in various states of tune from 300bhp upto 700bhp with superchargers and turbochargers, fuel injection or Webers and special exhausts