Choose Fasteners And Mounting Elements Wisely


You can buy mounting and technological fasteners for working with ventilation and air conditioning systems, performing construction and repair tasks in this section of online catalog. The presented products allow you to use reliable fasteners that meet construction (assembly) standards, arrange wholesale and retail purchase with delivery, select a set of fasteners according to the specification for the project.

Device and characteristics

  • The base of any kind of hexagon is a metal rod.
  • He is the first to take on the power load, so his characteristics are especially important.
  • The material must be strong, resistant to deformation, capable of working for a long time.

Fasteners and mounting elements catalog

In the catalog of online store you will find professional fasteners for installation and construction work at the manufacturer’s price. Here you can choose, place an order, place and buy:

  • Self-tapping screws, bolts and studs, other fasteners with threads for screwdrivers and screwdrivers;
  • Fastening clamps and rivets;
  • Anchors for mounting massive structures to capital walls, installing air conditioning units, hanging air ducts;

Dowels, washers, nuts and other elements with a choice of sizes and GOST, for certain specifications. When selecting a set of fasteners according to the specification for the project, it is recommended that you contact consultants and get support in ordering.

Sale of construction and assembly fasteners in the online store

You can order and buy fasteners from us at manufacturer prices – bolts, self-tapping screws, clamps, dowels and anchors, everything you need for construction and installation work. If you need to form a complex order. You can have the facility of delivery your purchase. Any convenient form of payment is available. Professionals work with individuals and legal entities, prepare all the necessary documentation and accept orders for the individual selection of specific fasteners.

Key selection features

Any tool store will offer you a choice of several sets of hex, differing in content, manufacturers, price and quality. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, you need to have the necessary initial information about them. A set of 12 hexagons or interchangeable hexagonal screwdriver heads is suitable for avid motorists and professional furniture assemblers, and for domestic use, a set of 5-6 keys will be enough for you.

When buying keys, please note that the cross-section can be different, in the form of a hexagon or a star, so you must know exactly which keys you need. It is better to purchase two types in advance, otherwise at the most crucial moment the necessary tool may not be at hand. With the question of fasteners manufacturers in Mumbai, perhaps everything is very clear. Hex sets from well-known brands are much more expensive, but you get excellent quality tools for years to come.

A cheaper option is to buy Chinese counterparts. Many will say that now most of the goods are made in China, why not purchase the keys from this manufacturer. However, low quality is often hidden behind a cheap price, which means that your work may be defective. In addition, you can damage the fastening parts, as a result of which you will have to purchase a new set of hexagons of different sizes and fasteners.