Bond Owners Club

We are pleased to have the opportunity of introducing our club to you.

The first Bond Owners Club was formed in 1951, just a short time after the earliest Bond Minicar, the Mark A, left the factory in Preston. During the 50's and 6O's there were over forty individual Bond clubs, and in 1970, at the time of the closure of the Bond factory, a group of Bond three wheeler enthusiasts formed BOND INFO. An information centre to keep the numerous clubs in touch with each other, and to be a central source of information on all aspects of Bond ownership. These have combined over the years into the one national organisation we have today, THE BOND OWNERS' CLUB. We are one of the longest running car clubs in the UK. Certainly THE oldest club for vehicles generally now known as "Micro-cars".

Within our membership every model of Bond is represented, Mark A to Mark G Minicars, Bond 875s, Bond Equipes and Bond Bugs.

The original Bond Minicar was designed by Lawrence Bond and was built in Preston, Lancashire. Production commencing in January 1949. This, the Mark A, proved very popular due to post war economies and pioneered the 18 year run of Villiers Two-Stroke powered Minicar production. Ceasing with the Mark G in December 1966. Although the idea was conceived by Lawrence Bond, the Minicars were made by Sharp's Commercials Ltd., who had been working with aluminium motor bodies since 1926. In 1966 the company changed their name to Bond Cars Ltd. That same year a new three wheeler succeeded the Minicar. This, the 875, broke away from previous designs, by having a complete moulded glass-fibre body. It was powered by the Commer Imp Van 875cc 4 stroke engine and transaxle. Production ended in 1970.
The Bond Equipe was introduced in 1963 and was a further break from tradition, being a four wheeler sports car, built in co-operation with Standard-Triumph. The main body parts being made by Bond glass-fibre specialists, but the engine and chassis taken from the Triumph Spitfire and Herald/Vitesse. Three basic models were produced, the GT 2+2 1147cc, GT4S 1200 & 1300 and the 2 Litre Saloon or Convertible.
Although some early Bond Bugs were assembled at Preston, they were designed and built by Reliant, Bonds by now having been bought out by the Reliant company. Most Bugs were made at their Tamworth factory.

The services offered by THE BOND OWNERS CLUB are:-
(1) Monthly magazine entitled BOND INFO.
(2) Advice on technical problems, maintenance and modifications.
(3) Information on spares availability. (Our Club Spares Department stocks a comprehensive range of Minicar and Bug parts, plus a few items for 875's and Equipes).
(4) Details of rallies and other events you may wish to attend.
(5) Cars for sale and wanted. (On the small ads page of the magazine)
(6) Club publications. (Handbooks, parts books etc).
(7) Club regalia. (Badges, Key rings, Tee shirts, Sweat shirts etc).