Coupe S

The Audi 100 Coupe S Club of Great Britain was formed in November 1995 to cater for the owners and enthusiasts of the Coupe S. It was felt that a club for this, now quite rare, model was long overdue.

There are Coupe S clubs in Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden and South Africa and there are International meets in May each year hosted by each club in turn which we now attend. 1998 is the turn of Sweden and we will have our turn in 1999.

The objectives of our club are to further the interest in and the preservation and use of the 100 Coupe S. We try to give our members as much help and advice as they may need on matters connected with motoring. We are building up a spare parts register for members use, We try to have as many meetings and social gatherings as we can throughout the year and have now appointed an events secretary. We are a small friendly club with 30 members in Great Britain, one in New Zealand, one in Australia and one in Germany. We publish a bi-monthly newsletter and invite members to help by contributing letters and articles to it. After checking quotes from several insurance companies, we now recomend one particular firm should any member require agreed value insurance. We can also provide valuation reports which is a requirement of agreed value insurance cover. We have our travel club which enables members to get the cheapest fares on ferries and the Shuttle. Also travel insurance and short breaks.

If you own a 100 Coupe S or are thinking of buying one, please consider joining our club. You will get all the help and advice you may need and would be able to contact and chat with other people with the same cars and the same problems as yourself.