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If you`re looking to buy a classic car the main aspect to keep in mind is that you need to spread your net much further than you would for a standard vehicle purchase. There are more options to consider and you should also be prepared to travel some distance to get the car that you really want.

Of course, you can find classic cars for sale alongside private vehicles and the traditional methods of selling shouldn`t be dismissed. It may be much harder to find a true classic advertised in your local paper or on a second hand dealer`s forecourt but you should still be prepared to look as you may find a bargain.

Elsewhere, for the greatest selection of classic cars for sale, it pays to look in a dedicated trade publication. There is a sales periodical that concentrates solely on classic cars and this is one of the best places to begin when you`re looking to make a purchase. Alternatively, any of the glossy magazines that are devoted to the history of classic cars will have sales pages to the back. Pick them up from your local newsagents and take a look. You`ll find one of the widest selections of classics for sale and you`ll have plenty to read at the same time.

There are also online versions of these publications where you can browse through a selection of classic vehicles at your leisure.

Online auction sites are another good option and you will find a big range of classic cars sitting alongside more standard private vehicles at any of the main portals. Prices vary greatly here and the nature of the sites involved means that you have to be very disciplined in your bidding.

Set yourself a limit that you are prepared to pay and don`t be tempted to exceed it, no matter how attractive the vehicle may be. There are still many places to look for that perfect classic car.

Car auctions exist in the real world too and an internet search will gives you a list of those that are dedicated to classic car sales. This is where you should be prepared to travel in order to get the vehicle you truly want.

Alternatively, you could head to a general auction in your local area. You will find a limited range of classic cars over the course of the calendar year but if you are lucky enough to track one down, you may find a very good deal.

Looking for a classic alongside standard car sales is time consuming and it can be frustrating but the benefit should be found in the final price. Essentially, what you`re hoping for is a vendor who is either looking for a quick sale or is unaware of the car`s true worth and as such, your efforts could see you land a true bargain.

If it`s a sale or auction dedicated to classic cars however, a good option is to head to one of the many shows across the country such as the Festival of Speed in Goodwood, Sussex.

Every year there are auctions and sales at classic car shows and rallies and the expert view suggests that prices are very favourable as far as the seller is concerned.

Overall, it pays to work a little harder to get the classic vehicle that you really want but with some effort and dedication, there are many options open to you that will help you pick up the right car.

Keep checking the trade press and follow regular updates on Netcars.com blogs and you can secure the true classic you`ve always yearned for.



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